How to Unsubscribe from Push Notifications


Have you signed up for push notifications but find yourself having to constantly exit out of those notifications? If this sounds familiar, you might want to unsubscribe from these notifications. We’ve noticed people have difficulty figuring out how to do this across multiple internet service providers. We’ve decided to take the guess work out of your unsubscribe process with this blog.


Before you make any changes on Chrome, you’ll need to be signed in to your Chrome account. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll go to settings. You find settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

chrome unsubscribe image 1

Once you’ve clicked on that, a list will appear. Here, you’ll find “Settings”.

After you’ve selected “Settings”, scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see “Show advanced settings”.

chrome unsubscribe image 2

When you’ve clicked on that, a new section will drop down. Underneath “Privacy” you’ll see a button that says “Content settings”.

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A pop up will appear. Scroll down in that pop up until you see “Notifications”. Underneath “Notifications” there is a button labelled “Manage exceptions”.

chrome unsubscribe image 4

Click on that, and all of your push notification subscriptions will show up. Simply un-select whichever subscriptions you don’t want to see anymore.

You can also unsubscribe from the notifications as you receive them. As a notification pops up on your page, you’ll notice another set of three dots. When you click on these, a drop down will appear. The two options are “Notification settings” and “Disable notifications from (website)”. Simply click on “Disable notifications from (website)” to remove yourself from the list.


Similar to Chrome, you’ll log into a Firefox and click on the menu key, which is three horizontal lines in the top right corner. From here, you’ll find the “Options” tab.

firefox image 1 update

Then you’ll go to “Content” on the right-hand side of the page you’ll find “Notifications”. Underneath “Notifications” you’ll see the “Choose” button.

firefox unsubscribe 2 edit

You have two options here. You can either remove individual sites by selecting “Remove Site”. Or to unsubscribe from every notification you’re subscribed to, you can click “Remove All Sites”.

firefox unsubscribe image 3

The option to unsubscribe from Firefox as the notification comes up also exists. When the notification pops up, you’ll notice a small tool in the bottom right corner. This tool will take you to the same page referenced above. You can follow those same steps to unsubscribe from notifications.


To unsubscribe from Android Chrome notifications, you need to head to “Settings”.

mobile unsubscribe image 1

Once you’re there go to “Site Settings”.

mobile unsubscribe image 2

Here, you’ll see the “Notifications”.

mobile unsubscribe image 3

Click on this and select the webpages you want to unsubscribe from. You can either block the notifications by clicking “Block” or you can completely reset the notifications by clicking “CLEAR & RESET”.

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