Web Push Notifications for Content Sites

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Web Push Notifications for Content Sites

Web push notifications are sent by a website to the browsers of their subscribers. They have the same function as mobile app push notifications, those notifications that a mobile app sends out. But rather than working for apps, they work on webpages. These notifications are accessible for tablets, desktops mobile users, and more.

Mobile apps have been using notifications to increase user engagement and now the same technology is available on browsers. Send alerts to users with essential updates, such as alerts on price drops, payment reminders, coupon codes, and more. This brings the user back to your site eCommerce site. But this doesn’t just apply to eCommerce site. Push notifications can also have a significant impact on content sites.

Why content websites need web push notifications

Content websites are using different ways to grow their traffic. Having new visitors and engaging with current users who have visited your site, means content sites need to explore different communication channels.

Marketing list:

The main strategy for any online marketing is to grow an audience. Bloggers are adding contacts on a regular basis in order to keep a fresh list. By offering freebies or inviting consumers to webinars, bloggers have a unique approach to audience growth. Web push notifications is a tool for all bloggers to easily grow their marketing list. It providers a single tap subscription options to HTTPS and HTTS websites to simplify the customer experience. The less steps that you have in the process, the more willing a visitor is to subscribe.

Mobile notifications:

The world is indeed moving into a mobile first world. In order to survive, your company will need to have a strong mobile strategy. This will lead many bloggers and marketers to build mobile oriented tools and campaigns. The increase in the number of mobile addicts has given the mobile responsive sites and apps a rise in popularity. Personalization through mobile apps is helpful in generating more revenue. Push notifications allow you to engage with users through their phones.

Automated push notifications for content websites:

Blogging is among the most recommended strategies for people and businesses to engage with customers. The continuous practice of blogging will help you reach an ideal audience and build a community around your site. SendMsgs offers a WordPress plugin that will send out a notification automatically when a new post is published. For the non-WordPress bloggers, they are offered an RSS based automation for automated push notifications.

Web push notification is a helpful channel for content websites, helping them increase revenue and traffic to the site and drawing in repeat traffic from loyal users.

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