What makes SendMsgs different than Others?

What makes sendMsgs different than Others

What makes us different?

Surely, there are a lot of push notification service providers out there. So, you might be wondering why you should choose SendMsgs over the others. To make things easier on your part, we have listed down the things that makes us different and worthy of every penny that you spend on our services.

We will Never sell your data

Perhaps, you have already encountered a push notification service provider that offers their services for free like One Signal and the tendency is that, you would be tempted to try it out. However, have you ever wondered why their services are offered for free? Well, that is because they sell the data that they have collected from their users. That’s their business model. So, in reality, when you opt for their services, you are actually giving them the right to sell your data including the data of your site’s visitors. On the other hand, by choosing us, we are given you an assurance that all the data collected from you would be kept private and confidential. So, which one will you choose? Save money but allow third parties to acquire your data or spend money and protect your data? You choose.

We offer solutions for different platforms

With our help, you can push notifications to different browsers and devices, regardless of what platform you are using. Unlike our competitor Delite Studio, we would not be limiting you to being able to utilize the services that we are offering you. As you might have already know, Delite Studio only offers solution for WordPress. Meaning to say, if you don’t have WordPress, then it is not possible for you to use their services. In addition to that, we can also proudly say that our services are much more scalable than our competitor. This is because theirs are hosted by the client server directly. This means that if the server is a shared one or if it is slow, then you are likely to experience some load issues with it.

We offer auto responders and automated triggers

Unlike Push Crew that does not offer auto responders and automated triggers, we offer them to increase the effectiveness of your message. Through it, we believe that you would be able to provide more personalized content since the response fits the interest of the one who has received the notification you have sent. Not only that, we know that it can help you save more time as compared to the need to write and send out individual notifications. In other words, you can be more productive and get more things done within the day.

We have competitive pricing

We know that the cost of availing push notification services is one of your primary concern. So, we see to it that you would be able to afford our services. As a matter of fact, we have a more competitive pricing than some of our competitors. So, if you want to save money while ensuring quality services, then just give us a call!

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