Safari Push Notification Drive Sales from Homepage


As we’ve discussed before, push notifications can serve multiple purposes for your business. Push notifications are subscribed on a per browser basis, but for Safari users, Sendmsgs has created an update that allows Safari push notifications to send when the browser is not open.

This transformative update can further expand the benefits of push notifications. The update is only available on Mac Safari and those who want to implement it to their users have to have an Apple developer account.

If you fall under this category, or if you’re considering taking your marketing campaign to the next level by signing up for an Apple developer membership, this new feature might just be enough to encourage you to sign up. Here’s just a few ways it can transform your marketing campaign.

Subscribers Never Miss a Notification

With the basic push notifications, you can customize how long a notification will stay active before it expires or you can allow the notifications to remain for the standard 12 hour window. This means that once an alert is sent out, the user has twelve hours to open the browser and engage with the notification.

That means there is a margin for users missing your content. Missed content is wasted money, and that is something no business likes to hear. But with this new update, the notifications will be pushed directly to the user’s desktop or mobile device, regardless of if they’ve opened their Safari browser. This way every bit of content you’ve created is seen by the user. Every dollar spent on content is leading to a potential sale, not just sitting in a queue where it could be missed.

Direct Users to Your Site Immediately

One of the biggest appeals of push notifications is how they help you direct users to your site. They can take the user’s attention away from their current webpage and move it to your own. The Safari push notification builds on this already successful concept.

By pushing notifications directly to the user’s desktop or mobile device, you can bypass other websites and drive the user directly to your page. Since you don’t have to wait for the customer to open a browser, you are the first site on their mind from the second they open their computer. This type of diversion keeps the attention on your page and has the user coming back for more.

Bring in Sales Regardless of User Activity

Push notifications are great for driving sales because they re-engage customers. You can use these notifications to send abandon cart reminders, suggest other items based off their sales history and alert them of discounts. If you’re relying on the user opening their browser to push these alerts, you risk waiting too long between them abandoning their cart and forgetting what was in it or missing sales that go for a limited time.

The new Safari push notification update eases this fear. The direct connection to the user with no effort on their part allows you to quickly remind them about their cart, their expiring promotions and shift their attention to more products they might like. Directly engaging with the user and bypassing any potential missed opportunity helps ensure the greatest ROI in your marketing campaign.

We believe in giving you the most effective marketing tools. That’s why we’ve invested in an update that can reach users regardless of if they’re browsing the web. If you’re looking to step up your marketing campaign, you have come to the right place. Get the newest Safari push notifications today!

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