How to Re Engage Users With Push Notifications


You’ve worked hard on your inbound marketing campaign. You’ve carefully crafted the right content, timed things perfectly and now your customers will be happy forever, constantly revisiting your page and engaging with your content. It would be so nice if this is how things worked out, but alas, that isn’t the case. Unfortunately, maintaining user engagement is a constant job and at some point, you will have to re engage with your users. Luckily push notifications are a perfect way to do just that.

When to Re Engage?

The balance between keeping a user informed and annoying a user, is a delicate one. If a user hasn’t engaged with your notifications or site for a week, don’t panic. If you start bombarding a user after just a week, chances are they’re going to unsubscribe from your notifications.

However, if a user hasn’t clicked on your notifications or interacted with your site for over a month, however, you can begin to segment them out to a new list. This list will be dedicated to your re engagement campaign.

Why Push Notifications are More Effective?

To engage customers again, you need to draw their attention back to your page in a more powerful way. With email, this is especially difficult since you are taking the risk of waiting for a user to use their email, open your message and actually engage with it. That’s a lot of steps on the user’s part and you can’t always count on them to take all those steps.

Luckily, you have less hoops to jump through with push notifications. All you have to do is make a notification that is catchy and appealing enough to grab the user’s attention and make them want to click. When you need to re engage customers, the content of the push notification becomes even more important.


This tip is especially important is you haven’t been personalizing your notifications. A general pop-up doesn’t make the impact that using a user’s actual name does. By personalizing a notification with the user’s name, you’re able to draw their attention to your alert while also making them feel important. The simple act of including the user’s name makes the alert feel more personal and increases the chance of them clicking on it.

Remind Them Why They Joined

Sometimes, users are simply distracted. They’re really busy and you haven’t done anything to keep their attention. So, pump up the volume and let them know that you’re trying. Consider using a title like “We Miss You!” or “We Haven’t Heard From You in a While”.

Simply letting them know that you’ve noticed their absence is going to draw their eye to your notification more. Then, jam pack the notification with some of your best headlines. Or outline what your site does so they remember why they were so eager to allow you to send them push notifications in the first place.

Offer an Incentive

When in doubt, bribery is always a good option. It’s very difficult to turn away from a good deal, so dangle a nice discount, freebie or special offer in the user’s face. Make sure you make the offer big and obvious, including the most alluring parts of the deal front and center in the title of the notification. Then, put the more delicate information in the body of the post.

Using any, or a combination of, these tips can help you engage customers that might have lost interest in your site. By accessing the users directly on their desktop or mobile device, you are getting your content in front of the user without any effort on their end. All you have to do is allure them to click on the notification, and with these tips, who could resist?

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