Business Applications of Push Notification Marketing

Business Applications of Push Notifications

So where exactly should you use push notification marketing? Aside from local/online companies, there are other sectors that can make best use of this trend.

Affiliate marketing

Many affiliate marketers have struggle to promote their products and services. Traditional methods are good, but can cost you more money. If you’re after a cost-effective marketing method that has verifiable results, push notifications are a great investment. It’s an easy way to notify clients about the newest product and/or service available.


besides sending product promotions to customers, push notifications are used to increase re-engagement and user retention in apps. Even local businesses that aim to reach a global audience can make use of this technology. Push notifications increase your brand’s reach, and in turn increase your profits.

Banks and credit card companies

When it comes to keeping clients up to date with account transactions, push notifications play an integral role. You can instantly notify clients of transfers, withdrawals or other necessary account changes. It can also combat identity theft and fraud. Customers will know instantaneously if their account has unauthorized transactions.

Government agencies

Send notifications and alerts to keep residents updated during emergencies. Whether it’s severe weather reports, school closures or traffic conditions, push notifications can keep your community alert to what’s going on around them.

News outlets

Various research shows that push notifications provide an effective strategy for the news and media. It boosts audience engagement by pushing traffic, weather and headline alerts, featured stories and other breaking news in the community. By striking the proper balance between respecting an audience’s preferences and commanding attention, push notifications continue to be a valuable weapon in the growing news industry.

Weather industry

Keep people informed both online and off with the weather underground and weather channel notifications. When important weather events are predicted for a particular location, push notifications can save the day. Aside from improving safety, they give users an option to receive official government issued alerts.


Music lovers are also given the chance to be updated with the latest music from their favorite artist. You don’t need to visit a site regularly to know the newest singles from popular artists, because push notifications will do the job! This will let you know when new songs from your favorite entertainers become available.


If you always miss your favorite episode or show when new seasons start, push notifications will be your best friend. With this, you are guaranteed to stay up to date on your favorite shows or movies.

Education sector

Teachers will have more modern ways to connect with students. Supported by smart engines, push notifications will help chart student’s progress, motivate them to study and personalize their learning experience. Quiz reminders, exam time tables, and holiday announcements can be programmed into your push notification marketing so your students stay in the know with their school schedule.

These are just some of the applications of push notifications. Since it is continuing to develop, we can expect more industries or sectors to take advantage of this useful technology.

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