Get More Sales from Existing Users

get more sales

Customers want to get more with less. Because of this, many customers are becoming brand loyal rather than shopping around multiple different companies. As marketers, we know that having more traffic in our websites means more page views, and thus, more conversions. But what if I told you the potential to increase sales lies with your current customers. There are some ways to get more sales from your existing users.

  1. Personalize offers based off their on-site behavior:

    One great way of bringing customers back is to deliver personalized offers. For instance, when a user is spending time on a certain product page, send a push notification offering a limited-time 20% discount on that product. If a user spent time browsing the latest award winning films, use a notification to push them toward award winning movies from the previous year.

  2. Suggest products related to their previous purchases:

    Another great way of getting your current customers to make more purchases is through recommendations. You can recommend additional products based on their previous purchases. Segment your subscribers into categories based on their previous purchases. Send them targeted and relevant recommendations through push notifications. When you use push notifications like this, you need to utilize segmentation. The narrower your segments become, the more targeted your message is going to be. If you’re smart, you can build loyalty with your current customers, who will start to look forward to seeing the curated products you’ve put together just for them.

  3. Notifying current users abut a sales or special discounts:

    All eCommerce sites have sale campaigns and discounts. But, how can you get your customers excited about these offers? Some of the ways marketers create buzz around their sale are through social media, on-site advertising, email, and paid campaigns. Nonetheless, these are not enough if you want all eyes on your new deal. One reason is that most of them requiring the user to take the first step,  to check their email, browse the social media, or run a Google search. With push notifications, you can alert users to these sales with no effort on their part.

  4. Send a reminder to recover abandoned carts:

    The bane of the eCommerce world is an abandoned cart. It is something that all eCommerce sites are familiar with. Push notifications can help you solve this problem by reminding users about their abandoned carts. Customers may have abandoned the cart because they get distracted by something during the checkout process. A push notification can circumvent this distraction and lead to a completed sale.

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