Call to Actions With Chrome Push Notifications to Change Your Business


SendMsgs just launched a new update for Chrome push notifications that could help change your marketing strategy for the better. This new update makes use of beautifully designed call to actions to engage your users and bring them back to your page. The update is only currently available for Chrome, but considering Chrome is the most used browser, claiming 44.5% of users, it gives you great reach with your consumers.

How is This Different Than Standard Chrome Push Notifications?

With our current push notifications, a smaller window pops up that allows the user to click on a single link to direct them to your page. This notification is a larger pop up that includes a large, high-quality image. The best part, however, is how it engages the user. Rather than a flat, one line sentence that the user can dismiss, this notification gives the user a yes or no option.

By giving the user two options, you can engage them on a different level. With the bright, high quality image, you get the user’s attention. Then you can prompt them with a question. The user can then choose one of two answer choices, peaking their interest in the pop up, and your site. Each portion of this new call to action Chrome push notification is customizable, from the phrasing, to the image and even the icons next to the answer options. This opens a whole new world of possibilities for your marketing plan.

Opportunities to Gain More Data

With our segmenting options, you can divide users up by the webpage they signed up on. Though this is a great way to divide up users for marketing purposes, more information is always beneficial. With the call to action notification, you can gain even more information about the users’ likes and dislikes, to run a better-informed marketing campaign.

For example, if a user signed up for push notifications on the accessories page of your site, you know that they are interested in jewelry, scarves, hats and sunglasses. But what styles do they like? What colors draw their eyes? With these new Chrome push notifications, you can ask them! Provide two options of styles or colors and ask which one they prefer. Based off this new information you can put them into notification categories for sales that fall along these parameters.

Use Information to Push Sales

Once you have a better idea of the user’s priorities, likes and dislikes, you can customize these new Chrome push notifications even further. For example, say you found out the user from our previous example likes bohemian jewelry. You can then push notifications for sales on this type of accessory to their inbox or notifications.

By getting the most out of the data you’ve been given, you can better funnel potential sales and make the user feel compelled to buy. When a consumer feels heard, they are more inspired to return to a site. This new option allows you additional insight into what the user wants and needs. Then you can fill those needs, and fill your wallet.

Test Branding and Re-Branding

Changing the branding of your site or company is a huge and often costly choice. Before you do a complete overhaul, consider testing it with these new Chrome push notifications. The users that are signed up for push notifications have an invested interest in your company. Use that to your advantage.

The question and answer set up allows you to test out new branding or logo ideas with users that care. Track the answers and learn from those responses. When you’ve adjusted your branding, based off these responses, ask the user their opinion again. By narrowing down changes, you can save money by having a gauged reaction of how users will respond and how the new branding will be perceived. The best part? You do all of this before you take the time and energy to rebrand completely.

The advanced features of the call to action Chrome push notifications allows you to get to know your customer and engage with them in a fun, interactive way. This new relationship is an opportunity for sales and success in your business. An opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

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